Brenda Dutertre


"Start the ripple that will change your life."

I am Saskatchewan born and raised and worked in the Health Care field before following my dream to become a Spiritual practitioner.

Like most of you, I came to this modality while searching for a way to help myself.  I first discovered Traditional EFT during a time of great stress when insomnia took over my life for a period of eight months.  A visit to a Grief Counsellor introduced me to EFT.  The insomnia was cured in one session and I have since been on a mission to introduce this wonderful tool to as many people as I can.  Imagine being able to help yourself - anytime, anywhere!  Modern Stress Management and Modern Energy Tapping, the newest additions to my tool box, are based on the “Power of the Positives”.  We can now manage stress from a whole new perspective, not only easing stress of all kinds – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – but injecting positive energy to take us to new heights of health, happiness and peace of mind.

In June, 2018, I received certification as a Modern Energy Trainer and am now ready to teach these wonderful courses to as many people as I can!

I feel very grateful to be able to fulfill my life's purpose by helping people to realize their full potential and to help them to live a life of grace and ease.  Life wasn’t meant to be hard!!  Let me help you to become all you can be!

I am a professional member of the Guild of Energists. My specialties are childhood issues, women's issues, relationship dynamics, stress, anxiety, implementation of positive beliefs.